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Experience as a buyer and seller of my own business helped me better understand both sides of this complex equation. As a buyer, I personally went through the due diligence process many, many times during the pursuit of the right business. I know what to look for and where to look in order to verify the reported cash flows. As a seller of a business, personal experience was gained with respect to the challenge of running a business while dealing with potential buyers that really couldn’t afford the business anyway, competitors trying to get confidential information (like customer list), struggling with releasing enough information for buyers to make their decisions but not releasing too much information until the buyer proved they were a serious buyer and a host of other concerns sellers will have. A working knowledge of p&l statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements is a great asset for a Business Intermediary. Understanding both sides of the buy/sell process, financial statements and business operations is a huge advantage in assisting both buyers and sellers.