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Exit Strategy

In our industry we often hear this term “exit strategy”, and think that it is a logical step

to planning for retirement or moving on for a small business entrepreneur. Well… I

have been in this industry for many years and as well intentioned as that term is, I can

say it is simply not the case. Sadly, the small business owner does not have the time

nor the inclination to stop everything and try to get their head around the thought of

someday selling the business that has provided their livelihood for many years. The

small business owner has enough on their plate with tasks like employee recruiting and

retention, capturing or just maintaining market share, keeping track of and managing

business expenses, and who could forget the daily challenges presented by ever

changing government regulations.

No, the small businesses owner has their “nose to the grindstone” and seldom will lift

their head up long enough to think about an “exit strategy”.

Exit Strategy

With all this being said, the truth is that the only positive way for them to “Exit” their

business is to “sell it.” The alternatives are all too common:

They realize one day that their product or service is no longer in demand and they

simply close the doors, perhaps they go bankrupt or are simply forced to liquidate a

lifetime of work for pennies on the dollar.

What I have found is that a business owner’s decision to sell is typically arrived at in a

spur of the moment and can be caused by a multitude of reasons. However, when this

moment occurs, I would like to have some FBX marketing material in front of them

and trigger the call so we can provide them with a market valuation.

I propose that the “FBX Team” have their own definition for the word “EXIT”:

Ex – Excellence in Service and Caring

I – Integrity in every aspect of our services

T – Teamwork between the offices and intermediaries of FBX to get the job done


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