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Thinking About Pursuing a New Career?

  • Would you enjoy working with business owners?
  • Make you income based on your efforts?
  • Be in a business that is in a growth mode?
  • Work with a great support team?
  • Work part-time until you can go full time?
  • Have your own business, with unlimited earning potential?

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FBX Recruiting Points

  • FBX allows you to earn what you are worth.
  • Your earnings are in direct proportion to your efforts.
  • FBX has developed a system for their associates to earn while they learn the Business Brokerage business.
  • You spend your time doing what you want to do, not what someone else wants you to do.
  • The time is to be in this business, the largest share of small and mid-sized businesses will change hands ( Baby boomers exit).
  • You will deal with the best, business owners, accountants, CPA’s, and other professionals on a daily basis.
  • As simple as it sounds, your work week is just that no weekends and very seldom an evening.

What does it take to succeed?

  • Understand that the small business sector of this country is the backbone of the country.
  • An understanding of basic business practices: simple accounting or financial basics, and the most important item- Common Sense.
  • You must be very protective of your own INTEGRITY, do what is the right thing at all times, no exceptions.

FBX takes exception to the Corporate America stance, we don’t believe that there is an aptitude test, or for that matter any test that will identify success in an individual, it is simply a matter of what is inside them, their desire, their work ethic, and their “never say die” attitude.